This website, is set up to inform you about the great sport of mounted archery in the area of the Southwest.  We are the Desert Warriors Of The Southwest!

We hope to inspire everyone who owns a horse to come out and try this great sport with your horse.  This is something that anyone form the age of 8 up to 90, man  or woman can do, along with any breed of horse.

We are a training course in Scottsdale, AZ showing the art of this noble form of Martial Arts on horseback.   Within you will find articles and pictures which I hope will inspire you to come out and give horseback archery a try.  We train in all styles of horseback archery, such as Korean, Hungarian, and Mongolian courses, along with the Qubaq,  Mogu and a cross country course, as well as rolling and flying targets.   We do train in  the ancient form of thumb release  and train with either right or left handed shooting. We have a barrel horse to practice on, at different speeds (pulled by an ATV) to improve the speed of shooting.  This helps save our horses since we can practice on it all day long and give our horses  break, especially in the heat of the summer.  We are always looking for ways to improve our skill and speed of shooting.

There are a handful of instructors throughout the country and we compete internationally.  International costumes are very common among competitors.

We hope to bring more information to you as we learn new skills every day about this growing wonderful sport.

We will try to keep this website updated with news and pictures.  Please look at the other links listed.

Diana Troyk