Anyone taking Individual instruction must become an MA3 member after the first lesson or if they want to learn on the Magic Machine or horse during first lesson.


Instruction prices for a single student, equipment supplied if you do not have your own.  However bring anything related so we can discuss  it.



Full Day = 6 Hour ** 1 day = $300 ** 2 days = $600 **

3 Days = $900

$40           per hour                              2 or more = $30 each  ($10 off)

$200         per day ($40 off)             2 or more = $150 each    ($50 off)

$400         per 2 days ($80 off)         2 or more = $ 300 each  ($100 off)

$600         for 3 days         ($120 off)        2 or more = $ 450 each  ($150 off)

Above pricing also for clinics.

Clinics out of town will be charged food and gas, plus $200 per instructor per day for drive out and back. There will be a minimum of 5 per clinic.

Demo out of town will be charged food and gas,  Plus $100 for demo.

Personal instruction, student must fill out waivers but can decide until the second lesson to join MA3 for only ground work. If you want to ride a horse or Magic Machine, you must become an MA3 member to do so.


DWSW – Desert Warriors of the Southwest


 The Mounted Archery Association of the Americas

Anyone taking a clinic MUST become an MA3 member.

Personal instruction, student must fill out waivers but can decide until the second hour to join MA3.  No non-MA3 member can ride horse or Magic Machine, only ground work.


Diana Troyk

I have been riding since I was 3 and now in 2016 I am 65.  Raised in CA, I got and trained my first 2 year old horse Camy, when I was 10 and had her for 25 years.  I started out in gymkhanas, winning the high point trophy 2 year in a row at 15 & 16, along with  mountain riding and open bareback racing. ( I never lost a race).  I moved to WI and  trained barrel racers, then got married and had 2 girls while I was flying as a flight attendant for United Airlines for 24 years.  I bought my 2nd horse Magic in 1995.   I trained him for barrel racing and open racing also and then trained him to pull a cart and sleigh.  He was my first archery horse in 2002 where I self taught he and myself in learning this great sport.  I was taught the correct way with the right equipment the next year  by Lukas Novotny  and  Dana Hotko in 2003 and joined the International Horse Archery Federation (IHAF) for 2 years.  Then moved to AZ and went to clinics with Pat Stoddard and Holm Neumann in order to keep practicing and learning.   I started teaching on my own course in 2007, in Scottsdale, AZ.

I have traveled to Korea 5 times winning a Bronze (double shot) my first year 2010 and a Gold (Mogu) the next.  I won a third place (double shot) in our first 2010 International in the US.  I have competed in Poland, Japan and Mongolia.  I have also competed in TX, WA, and OR winning numerous awards.  I lost Magic in 2012 and now compete and train with Outlaw.

I have been a member of MA3 since 2007 and been on the BOD for about 7 years.  I am currently president of MA3 and a Member of the WHAF board, ( title:  Education Committee USA)  I am also President of  “The Desert Warriors Of The Southwest” chapter of MA3 which is my home course.

The year, 2016, two of my Desert Warriors, (Greg Ogburn & Jason Routh) and myself  made the US MA3 team to compete at the “World Martial Arts Masterships”, venue being;  International Horse Archery Competition, in Korea.  I won a silver in the mutiple shot and a team gold for the same and a team silver for the double shot.

I currently have a H3 ranking

I received my  International Teaching Certification First Grade – WHAF Oct 1, 2015



Greg Ogburn

I began riding horses at a young age growing up in  Southern Colorado.  After competing in local gymkhana’s for a few years, I was introduced to the sport of “Cowboy Polo” and became the youngest active player in the US at age 11.  this progressed into Team Roping with my father and older brother until leaving for college to pursue a career in  aviation.  Sixteen years went by while flying airplanes, marriage and kids.  My wife Joey and I have owned horses since 2003.  I would consider myself a casual rider from this time until picking up a bow for the first time in Nov 2013.  I joined the Desert Warriors in Scottsdale and since then Mounted Archery has been a large part of my life from participating in Rankings and Postal Matches to competing Around the world.

I am currently still an American Airlines Pilot  and the new USA MA3 representative to the IHAA.

I am an MA3 member since 11/2013 and a Desert Warrior (DWSW).

I have a Horse Archer 4 ranking

I have competed in 5 National competitions and 3 International  –  I have won 5 Golds, 2 Silvers and 3 Bronzes in National Competitions and 3 top 10 finishes and a Bronze at the World Horseback Archery Championships in Korea.

This year, 2016,  I  made 2nd for the US MA3 team to compete at the “World Martial Arts Masterships”, venue being;  International Horse Archery Competition, in Korea.