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Desert Warriors of the Southwest Mounted Archery
Desert Warriors of the Southwest Mounted Archery

Stay Competitive

Welcome to the awesome sport of Horseback Archery!

  We are 


We hope to inspire people to come out and try this great sport with your horse.  This is something that anyone ages 8 to 90 can try along with any breed of horse.

We are a training course in Scottsdale, AZ, showing the art of this noble form of Martial Arts on horseback. Within, you will find articles and pictures which I hope will inspire you to come out and give horseback archery a try.  We train in all styles of horseback archery, such as Korean, Hungarian, Qubaq, cross country courses and learning how to compete Internationally.   We use rolling and flying targets too! We train in the ancient form of Thumb Release and practice both right and left handed shooting. We have a barrel horse (Magic Machine), to practice on at different speeds, (pulled by an ATV) to improve the skils of instinctual speed shooting. 

There are a number of top level instructors here in Scottsdale who have the background of teaching horse archery for quite a number of years, competing Internationally and we have a world class course and track.  We have held the 2nd US International Competition and some National Competitions.  

 Costumes are very common among competitors,

 which adds more delight to this sport!

We hope to bring more information to you as our wonderful, exciting sport growis.

So come out and give it a shot!

- Diana Troyk